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In the Blink of an Eye: The Day
Everything Changed

Imagine waking up to the beeping of heart monitors, the urgency in a doctor's voice fading into the background as you struggle to open your eyes.

The first words that reach your ears are a stark warning: "John… John, can you hear me?

John… you almost killed your grandson." My name is John Daniels, and that harrowing day in the hospital was a wake-up call like no other.

My battle with uncontrolled blood sugar had reached a tipping point, endangering not just my own life but the life of my newborn grandson as well.

Heart Monitor

For years, my doctor had been clear about the grim trajectory my health was taking.

My blood sugar levels were a runaway train, speeding towards a cliff with no brakes in sight.

It seemed like a foregone conclusion that I might not live to see many more days.

Yet, in the weeks that followed that terrifying wake-up call, something miraculous happened. I discovered a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to manage my blood sugar—a secret so simple yet so powerful that it defied everything I thought I knew about living with this condition.

This wasn't about overhauling my diet, committing to a grueling exercise regimen, or relying on a never-ending cycle of medications.

It was about a 30-second ritual, performed diligently before breakfast each day, that reprogrammed my body's response to sugar.

This ritual hinged on groundbreaking research from 2021, shedding light on the diet of native Greenlanders.

Despite consuming diets rich in full-fat and sugary foods, these individuals showed no signs of high blood sugar, weight gain, or deteriorating health.

Intrigued by their seemingly impossible resilience, scientists from the University of Copenhagen unlocked their secret—a genetic quirk that changed everything we thought we knew about blood sugar management.

Inspired by this discovery, I embarked on a journey that not only saved my life but also offered a beacon of hope to thousands struggling with similar issues.

Curiosity of Greenlanders

How did these Native Inuits manage to thrive on sugary diets without facing any health consequences?

But never struggle with high blood sugar, never gain weight, and stay the picture of health their whole life?

Don’t believe me?

It’s exactly what scientists from the University of Copenhagen discovered in late 2021.

Happy Girl

Incredibly, they indulge in sweets to their hearts' content.

Different foods

Pizza stacked high with pepperoni, sausage, and bacon…

Coffee made with whiskey, kahlua, grand marnier and heavy cream…

Not to mention beer, sausages, cured meats, baguettes, sugary cereal, ice cream, chocolate, and pasta…

And these foods don’t impact their blood sugar in the disastrous way you might expect.

Not to mention…

They don’t carry fat around their hips, thighs and belly.

They seem to lose weight every time they step on a scale.

And their doctors rave about their triglycerides and cholesterol.

Body of water

Inspired by their secret, my personal journey of transformation began.

But it's thanks to this discovery I brought my sky-high blood sugar down to normal levels.

Not over months or years…

But just a few short weeks.

It’s all thanks to the discovery made by The University of Copenhagen in Denmark. Which is the equivalent of Harvard in that part of the world.

I discovered a simple morning ritual that changed everything for me.

A simple, 30-second morning ritual that makes you immune to unhealthy, high sugar foods…

Just like native Greenlanders.

This ritual gave me my life back.

And it’s done the same for thousands of others with high blood sugar.

And the science has since been confirmed by Cambridge University, the University of San Antonio, and an elite research team from China.

Maybe most surprising about this natural, 30-second morning ritual…

This universal solution has transformed the lives of many, defying all challenges.

Even if you have unbearable sugar cravings.

The kind that make you want to eat every sweet you see.

It’ll work even if you can’t stick to a healthy diet.

It’ll work even if every time you lose weight, it “yo-yo’s” and comes right back.

It’ll work even if you’re in your 60’s, 70’s, or 80’s.

It’ll work even if you’ve been told it’s too late, your pancreas is dead, and your body no longer responds to insulin.

Fingers Point

Over 9,724 people have found success with this method, just like I did.

People who in some cases had struggled with their blood sugar for decades.

And the reason this simple ritual works for so many people with high blood sugar…

No matter their age, background, or complications they’ve had…

Is because it addresses the actual root cause of high blood sugar.

This is something doctors didn’t even know about until they stumbled on those Native Greenlanders.

They have a secret that lets them eat any food, in any amount, no matter how unhealthy…

And still have perfect blood sugar levels and a metabolism that torches any fat from their body.

By unlocking their secret, I too found victory over high blood sugar.

The same cause that’s likely in you…

Check mark

I’ve had my doctor give me two thumbs up after my skyhigh blood sugar numbers went down.

Check mark

I’ve donated 4 bags of my clothes to Goodwill after I lost 67lbs.

Check mark

I’ve cut my coffee from 4 cups a day down to 1 after I regained the energy from my 30’s.

Check mark

I’ve hiked a 13 mile trail after the tingling in my feet and pain in my back went away.

Low Blood

My whole life has changed.

Because you’re about to experience all of this too.

I give all the glory to God that I can share my story today.

Because this disease brought me within inches of losing one of my legs, the trust and support of my family, and possibly even my life.

Cook Chicken

I realized I was not alone; thousands had walked this path before me.

They have reversed their blood sugar in a matter of weeks.

With this simple ritual, your blood sugar can return to normal.

And it will happen without you counting calories, cutting carbs, and eating nothing but chicken breasts and tree bark along the way.

You see...

In 2021, scientists unveiled the true cause behind effective blood sugar control.

Is that high blood sugar isn't what we think it is.

It has nothing to do with eating lots of carbs. It has nothing to do with your sensitivity to insulin. And it has nothing to do with your beta cells.

It actually happens when you have high levels of a single enzyme.

If your levels of the enzyme I'm about to tell you about are too high...

Your body is basically being flooded with sugar, nonstop.

I learned a 30-second power move that effectively blocked the sugar flood.

So even when you eat Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, or Sour Cream and Onion Potato Chips… your blood sugar doesn’t spike, and quickly returns to normal levels.


That means noodles, lasagna, chicken alfredo, and Ice cream are back on the menu.


It means you can leave home the tupperware containers that used to carry your blood sugar friendly foods.


It means you can let out a cheer as you toss your gluco monitor and testing strips into the trash.


It means your family will not be forced to one day choose between taking care of you 24/7… or putting you in a nursing home.

In the next 6 minutes, I’m going to share the discovery that was made about the incredible Greenland Inuits.

And the simple, 30-second ritual that makes you immune to sugar, just like they are.

Joining the revolution, I embraced the ritual that reversed my blood sugar.


“My numbers went down in the first 3 days of use. I will keep on with it and I hope it continues.”

- Shelley C.


“I gave it a shot, and guess what? IT ACTUALLY DOES WORK!!!! Within days, my sugar levels went down by more than half. Thank you!”

- Jean R.


“I have lost 12 lbs in the last 3 weeks and my sugar levels have dropped each week. This without dieting and eating pastries. Will be recommending this to my family and friends.”

- Paul P.


“This stuff really works. I can actually have a few carbs or a serving of ice cream without my blood sugar blowing up. And my “dawn phenomenon” number is down too.”

- Georgia M.

Despite my initial doubts, I discovered there was hope for reversing blood sugar issues.

I was told the same thing: It was too late to change anything… and it was all my fault.

Today, I’m going to shed light on the shocking and upsetting truth.

One that pharmaceutical companies hope you never hear about.

Because once you understand how high blood sugar starts in the first place, you’ll be set free.

Set free from feeling like a criminal every time you even think of eating your favorite foods.

Set free from being an inconvenience every time your friends and family want to eat at a restaurant, plan a trip, or attend a birthday party.

Set free from the ever-growing financial burden of endless doctors visits, testing, and prescription medications.

Set free from the unbearable sugar cravings that derail every attempt you’ve made to lose weight and improve your health.

Set free from the shame you feel each and every time you see your body in the mirror.

Overcoming skepticism, I found that this time was truly different.

Especially if you've tried other things and nothing has worked for you.

You've tried eating keto. You've tried intermittent fasting. And you've tried working out.

If it was all either impossible to stick to... or did nothing for you...

Then I want you to pay special attention to what I say over the next 6 minutes.

Because the 30-second ritual you’re about to discover works even if you’ve had type 2 diabetes for the last 3 decades…

And even if your numbers are so high your doctor has told you to get your affairs in order.

The solution that gave me back my life became my personal proof of success.

And I can darn near promise my situation was about as bad as they come.

So I can say, with confidence, you’ll be able to normalize your blood sugar, and ignite a fat-burning inferno that is lying dormant in you right now.

You’ll effortlessly go down one, two, or even three dress sizes. And smile every time you see a lower number on your scale.

And you’ll do it all because of the simple, 30-second ritual that turns off the enzyme flooding your body with sugar.

My blood sugar is back to normal. I have my life back.

And I feel like the luckiest man on Earth that I can share my story with you today.

So please, get rid of all distractions, and listen to what I say closely. You’re about to learn the secret to this blood sugar reversing 30-second ritual.

A frightening moment with my newborn grandson served as my wake-up call.

Which was the last straw in a long battle against high blood sugar.

But I’m getting a little ahead. Let me introduce myself.

My name is John Daniels, but you can call me JD.

I’m 56 years old. And a high school football coach and gym teacher in Plain City, Ohio.

I’ve been a happy husband to my beautiful wife Donna for 31 years.

We share 2 sons and a daughter.

And last year, I even got to meet my first grandchild, a baby boy!

My faith kept me strong, but I knew my battle had just begun.

For me…

I struggled to balance everything in my life… and watch my health.

8 hours in the classroom… more hours on the football field… then 3 kids who all had a nose for trouble… it didn’t leave time for much else.

My health took a backseat until it could no longer be ignored.

Now that’s all fine in your 30’s and 40’s.

But the after-practice trips to Mickey D’s… the frozen convenience dinners… and the near-total lack of exercise…

It caught up to me when I turned 50.

My belly?

It grew and grew until I had to shave my beard so kids would stop asking if I was the real Santa Claus.

I drank 4 or 5 cups of coffee before I even got to school just to get me going.

Unchecked blood sugar levels took me on an emotional rollercoaster.

One minute I’d be happy JD. And the next I’d be cranky, irritable, and quick to snap.

My coaches even had an inside joke about this.

Whenever I was in one of my moods, they’d whisper: “Watch out, Coach Daniels looks hangry.”

Then I got these weird, tingling sensations in my feet.

Almost like pins and needles or electricity was going through them.

Did I mention I woke up 3, sometimes 4 times a night to use the bathroom?

It’s like the day I turned 50, my body’s warranty ran out…

And everything fell apart.

I recognized the warning signs too late: the harsh reality had finally hit me.

But I hadn’t seen my doctor in years.

So I was blindsided when he told me my blood sugar had climbed to dangerous levels.

Now thankfully I wasn’t full blown diabetic yet.

But I agreed with my doctor: this was serious.

He prescribed me a long list of medications I could hardly pronounce.

Then he told me I needed to eat more fruits and vegetables, stop with the sugar, and get some gosh dang exercise!

And who was I to argue?

The thing is…

You’d imagine that healthy food, exercise, and life-saving medication would make you feel better.

But as maybe you’ve experienced, that’s not how I felt.

The prescription medications I took brought unforeseen struggles with side effects.

Night after night of plain chicken breast with broccoli and cucumbers made my cravings almost unbearable…

To the point I wanted to eat every sugary item I saw, and would go to bed thinking about Dr. Pepper.

Every run on the treadmill made me nauseous…

And my knees would ache for hours after.

But I stuck with it.

And I trusted everything would turn out OK if I followed the program.

When I least expected it, I faced a shocking health revelation.

“Have you even been trying?” he asked with a disgusted scowl.

It’d been 6 months.

And my A1c had shot through the roof. My blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides had become a danger to my heart.

And to top it off, I’d gained 19lbs too.

I couldn’t believe it!

I’d never missed a day of my meds - my wife Donna had made sure of it.

I’d exercised at least 30 minutes a day.

And the only sugary foods I’d eaten were the little Debbie White cakes I’d seen in my dreams.

If I’d followed the program to the letter, how had things gotten worse?

I discovered the missing piece: the real root cause of my health crisis.

Which as I just told you, is when you have too much of a certain enzyme that floods your body with sugar.

As long as that issue was there…

It wouldn't matter how low I cut my carbs…

How much I exercised…

How many hours I fasted…

Or how many supplements I took…

Things would get worse and worse.

The truth was finally revealed to me: the enzyme culprit and my path to defeating it.

Then you too can bring down levels of this enzyme, so your body is no longer flooded with high blood sugar.

Once that happens, that’s when you can eat the foods you want - even sugary sweets…

Without guilt, weight gain, or spiking your blood sugar.

Back in my doctor's office, I didn’t know the truth.

All I knew was that my beta cells were dead. My insulin resistance would never recover. And it was all my fault.

My doctor doubled my medications, put me on insulin, and told me I had better get with the program… or else.

Now around this time, my oldest daughter was pregnant with our first grandchild.

We were all very excited.

And when the day finally came, my wife and I went to the hospital for the birth.

5 hours in, she still hadn’t gone into labor. And I started to get nervous.

I was already hungry.

And I've struggled my whole life with eating when I'm under stress.

And I guess that's what happened.

Because I don't really remember eating the croissants, danishes, and donuts from the coffee station.

But after what happened next, I’ll never forget that I did.

Finally, my daughter went into labor and gave birth to the most beautiful baby boy.

Daughter: “Dad, wanna hold your new grandson?”

My son-in-law placed him in my hands. And I broke out in a smile so big I was afraid my face would split.

Holding him for the first time was one of the most joyful moments of my life. But then something awful happened.

I felt faint.

Weak in my arms and legs.

Then everything turned white.

As I blinked awake, I found myself in a strange bed, staring up at a ceiling light

I was by myself in an empty hospital room.

As I tried to piece together what had happened, my wife came in to see me.

Donna Daniels: "John, you should be ashamed of yourself. How could you eat all those sweets when you know it's bad for you? You passed out and nearly dropped the baby onto his head."

She went on.

DD: “Thankfully, we caught you both in time. But from here on, we all think it’s best if you wait to see him again. And you can only hold him when you’re in a seat.”

Before I could say a word, she left in a huff and traded places with an ER doctor.

Doc: “Mr…. Daniels? I’m Doctor Holloway. It looks like you overdid it. Your blood sugar was through the roof... and it caused you to pass out.”

Doc: “You’re in pretty bad shape. The circulation in your left foot is almost non-existent. It says here you’ve had tingling and pins and needles for some time. That’s a sign of diabetic neuropathy. And unfortunately, you may end up losing that leg. You’re out of immediate danger, but we want to keep you here for 48 hours to run some tests.”

Dr. Holloway left, and I was alone again

What just happened?

I couldn’t believe that one, tiny moment of weakness caused all this.

What would happen to me?

Would I get to see the baby again?

If I lost my leg would I be able to work?

Would my wife have to take care of me?

Was I going to be a second baby that everyone would have to take care of?

After about 30 minutes I didn’t want to think anymore.

So I flipped on the TV and scrolled through Netflix.

For the next 48 hours I let documentaries autoplay.

In my darkest hour, divine intervention showed me the way forward.

Because one of the documentaries that played was about the Kullorsuaq village in Greenland.

This tiny village has only 453 people in it.

You can only get there by helicopter. And the best internet they have is dial up that only works 2 days a week.

But the most interesting thing about these people is the diet they ate.

They can’t grow anything in Greenland. So beyond what they hunt, everything else is imported.

Sausages and cured meats, baguettes, cereal, pasta, chocolate, ice cream, beer.

In Greenland, people consume vast amounts of foods considered unhealthy by global standards.

And that’s when I noticed something weird.

In the midst of this tiny village was a 60-something outsider from France.

He’d lived there for 20 years. Ate their foods. Raced dog sleds and hunted seals. Even spoke their language.

But he was incredibly sick, and on a gaggle of medication for a debilitating heart problem.

While everyone else in the village – even the elders in their 80’s and 90’s – ate what they wanted all the time…

And stayed the picture of health.

It just seemed strange.

It was perplexing to learn about a French outsider who, after 20 years in Greenland adopting their lifestyle, remained sick despite living like a native.

But be the only one in the village who was sick?

As I sat there, my phone buzzed.

I’d gotten a group text, and it was a photo of my new grandson.

He was sleeping in his mother’s arms. And as I saw his face, I got the same big smile as when I first saw him.

I thought about what kind of grandpa I wanted to be.

How I wanted to be there for his first steps.

How I wanted to be there when he finally said “gramps” or “pa-pa”.

How I wanted to hold his hand, and walk him to the playground.

I didn’t want every moment together to be confined to a wheelchair or a couch.

That’s when I decided I wouldn’t give up on myself.

Somehow, things would work out.

If you’ve had a similar moment, where you decided that you would get through this, then remember that feeling now.

Because I’m about to share exactly what those native Greenlanders were hiding.

A secret so powerful that you’ll feel your blood sugar go down in the first 5 days.

Upon returning home, I found myself unable to stop thinking about the documentary and its intriguing insights.

Why, if this French guy ate, drank, and lived like those Greenlanders…

Why was he on medication and a step away from death…

While they were lean, healthy, and happy...

And certainly not dealing with high blood sugar, heart disease, or any of the issues that are common when people eat the foods they did.

I didn’t know the answer.

But I knew someone who probably did.

Bob, a biology teacher at my school, became a valuable resource in my quest for answers.

When I got back to school I asked him:

JD: “Have you ever heard about the people in Greenland? I saw a documentary about them…

They ate the same things we do…

Frozen convenience meals…

Lots of carbs like potatoes and pasta…

Even sweets…

But they don’t have any health problems.

Yet I imagine eating a danish and my blood sugar spikes 300%.

Is there something more to them?”

Bob said he’d never heard of them but he'd look into it.

Bob joined me for lunch two days later, eager to share the shocking findings he had uncovered.

B: “JD, you won’t believe what I found. I’m shocked it’s not being reported by every major news channel.”

Over the next 10 minutes, Bob explained what he’d discovered.

It turned out native Greenlanders were actually a bit famous.

Scientists had studied them for close to 60 years.


Remarkably, Greenlanders rank among the healthiest people on the planet.

Almost as healthy as people in the blue zones, like Sardinia, Costa Rica, and Okinawa - where people regularly live to be 100, or older.


People in the blue zones are healthy because of their diet.

They eat beans, vegetables, and occasionally fish or other small game.

While the Greenlanders?

Half their food is high-fat seal meat… and the other half is imported convenience foods.

For years researchers didn’t know how they could be so healthy.

Then 2 years ago, one of the most prestigious universities in Denmark published a study with the answer:

Greenlanders have a unique ability to digest sugar unlike anyone else in the world.

So when they eat frozen pizza, Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, and big slices of lasagna?

It doesn’t spike their blood sugar.

They don’t gain fat.

Their arteries remain clear and their hearts remain strong.

And their blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, all stay in a healthy range.

The explanation for this phenomenon is straightforward:

These Greenlander’s don’t produce an enzyme that is responsible for creating blood sugar.

For reasons nobody understands, their bodies just don’t make it.

That's why they can eat any food and still be healthy.

Even ones you’ve been told are bad for you, including frozen foods, convenience and fast foods, sugary sweets, and high fat snacks.

Eating these foods doesn't affect their blood sugar.

That's where you and I are different.

Our bodies produce this enzyme in excessively high amounts.

That's why something as simple as 1 piece of toast can send our glucose into the stratosphere.

As long as this enzyme remains, your food is continuously broken down into sugar that is flooded into your body.

And when this happens year-after-year, as it likely has your whole life, that flash flood of sugar will eventually cause your beta cells to stop working, your cells to become resistant to insulin, and your metabolism to cough and sputter.

Subsequent research, including two pivotal studies, has confirmed these findings.

The first study looked at 4,000 people in Greenland. Half were the Inuits who did not have this enzyme. And half were like you and me who did.

Both groups had the same diet and did the same amount of exercise.


The Greenlanders without this enzyme had less belly fat, had less triglycerides, less bad cholesterol, better blood pressure, and most important to you…

The first study looked at 4,000 people in Greenland. Half were the Inuits who did not have this enzyme. And half were like you and me who did.

Both groups had the same diet and did the same amount of exercise.


The Greenlanders without this enzyme had less belly fat, had less triglycerides, less bad cholesterol, better blood pressure, and most important to you…

All evidence pointed to this enzyme as the root cause of high blood sugar and related metabolic issues.

Then he showed me a mouse study, where they had two groups of mice eat a high-fat, high-carb diet.

Half these mice were born like the native Greenlanders, without this enzyme.

The other half were like you and me, with high levels of this enzyme.

They had these mice eat a high-fat, high-carb diet. Basically McDonald's Happy Meals.

And the same thing happened.

The ones without this enzyme were leaner, healthier, with lower blood sugar numbers… just like the native Greenlanders.

Bob revealed the name of the harmful enzyme responsible for spiking blood sugar: Sucrase.

Then Bob closed his books and and summed up the 60 years of research he’d found:

B: “It’s as simple as this JD. Get Rid of Sucrase, Get Rid of High Blood Sugar.”

That’s the moment it clicked.

I realized this wasn’t my fault. And if you’ve struggled with high blood sugar that has destroyed your once happy and healthy life, it’s not your fault either.

Because carbs aren't the issue.

It’s not a lack of exercise.

It’s not because you eat too much or you have terrible sugar cravings.

The culprit behind our health woes is Sucrase!

As long as you have high levels of Sucrase, which unless you’re from Greenland, there’s a 99% chance you do…

The food you eat will be broken down into sugar. And that sugar will flood your body and near-guarantee you end up with diabetes.

Naturally, the next question that arises, and perhaps one you're asking yourself now, is:

“What can you do to get rid of Sucrase?”

Bob didn’t know the answer.

But he promised he would come back when he found one.

Now I was pretty excited.

For the first time in months I had hope. Hope that I would overcome this.

Hope that I wouldn’t lose my leg.

Hope that I wouldn’t become a burden on my wife and family.

Unfortunately, that hope was short lived.

Bob called a few days later, and his first words hit me like a ton of bricks.

It appeared we had hit a dead end in our search for solutions.

Bob hadn’t found anything. The opposite in fact.

As long as you were born with Sucrase, it would always break down your food into sugar.

In fact, a research team from Harvard were given 5 years and near-infinite resources to try and recreate what happened in the body of those lucky Greenlanders.

And even they came up short.

It seemed, getting rid of sucrase was no different than time travel - something you’d only find in a science fiction book.

At first, I was devastated by what Bob said.

How could this be it?

I began to wonder if Bob's skepticism was justified.

Maybe this was a deadend.

But I wasn’t ready to give up yet.

So I asked if he would look again.

Bob: “JD, I’m headed to Hawaii for my anniversary next weekend. And if the guys at Harvard failed, I don’t know what I can do. But I'll tell ya what... I've got a 4hr layover in Chicago so I'll look into it one last time.”

With that, Bob hung up. And I was once again alone.

Now you probably can imagine everything I felt then.

Maybe you don’t have to imagine it at all.

I’m sure you’ve gotten your hopes up about a new solution… only for it to turn out too good to be true.

This is when the grim reality of my situation hit me.

I faced the grim prospect of endlessly cycling through diets, each promising miraculous results.

I’d probably never again be able to eat a bowl of Bluebell Pistachio Almond Ice Cream without feeling guilty.

Trips and vacations were out of the question… unless I cooked my own food and brought tupperware containers with me… or ordered naked leafy greens without dressing if we ate out.

And what about the side effects from medications?

The insufferable nausea, heartburn, constipation, brain fog…

Not to mention the constant worry about the number on my glucometer.

With each passing day without word from Bob, I started to fear that it might be too late for me.

At night I’d remember the frustration in my doctor’s voice when he read my blood sugar numbers.

The disappointment in my wife’s eyes when she told me I’d almost dropped the baby.

The disgust I felt every time I picked up a fork to put bland, tasteless chicken breast into my mouth.

Then, unexpectedly, a breakthrough occurred.

A text from Bob.

Bob: “JD, this is it. You need to meet me at Coffee Bean. I found something.”

It took everything I had to not drive 100mph on the way to meet him.

I walked in the coffee shop, and there was Bob at a table in the corner.

As I joined him, Bob pulled a thick binder with over 200 pages from underneath his chair. He dropped it on the table with a thud so loud people turned their heads.

B: “They did it JD. They found a way anyone can flush the sucrase out of their gut... and bring their blood sugar back down fast."

Bob talked faster and faster, and the longer he did the more my smile grew.

Researchers from the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands had hit the jackpot.

Researchers had identified a plant compound, L-Arabinose, as Sucrase's natural adversary.

When it’s eaten, this L-arabinose binds to sucrase enzymes and prevents them from breaking food down into sugar.

It’s a lot like turning off the faucet in your kitchen sink.

L-arabinose prevents sucrase from working. And when that happens, the constant and dangerous flow of sugar into your blood is stopped.

To validate their discovery, they conducted a randomized, placebo-controlled study, the gold standard in research.

During this trial, they had 20 men and women drink a glass of pure sugar water.

But half of the group was also given a capsule of L-Arabinose.

The people who only drank the sugar water responded as you’d imagine.

Their blood sugar shot through the roof and their insulin levels spiked by 600%.

The group who took L-arabinose?

Their blood sugar rose only 25% compared to the other group.

And their insulin only went up 13% compared to the other group too.

Bob presented a second study, this time from Cambridge University Press, supporting their findings.

They too saw near identical results as the team from the Netherlands.

Then Bob pulled out a third study!

This one came from the original Netherlands research team.

Despite their initial success, those Dutch researchers had some doubts.

It was one thing to drink a glass of sugar water…

And quite another to eat a regular meal that had fats, starches, and protein.

The thing is…

L-arabinose worked its magic in this study too.

They had 23 people drink a glass of sugar water, and added in either starches like the kind in potatoes and pasta… or fats like in olive oil and red meat.

Once again, regardless of whether they included starches or fats…

L-arabinose prevented the usual spike in blood sugar and insulin.

They discovered that L-arabinose miraculously halved the insulin response. My excitement grew as I learned it also prevented glucose spikes unlike anything seen in the control group.

By now, Bob had thoroughly convinced me. His words painted a picture of hope I couldn't ignore.

Yet, Bob had one more trick up his sleeve - another study that would further challenge everything I knew.

Although L-arabinose had shown promise in the lab, researchers in China were skeptical about its real-world efficacy.

Determined, they embarked on a mission to test its true potential.

In their experiment, 43 individuals went about their daily lives, with half consuming L-arabinose and the other half unknowingly serving as the control group.

The outcome was unmistakable and groundbreaking:

Those who took L-arabinose not only lost weight and burned fat but also saw remarkable improvements in fasting blood sugar, blood pressure, triglycerides, and cholesterol levels.

These weren't just numbers on a page; they were real people, leading real lives, experiencing transformative health improvements.

They held down everyday jobs, embodying the struggles and triumphs of the average person.

Exercise was a challenge for them, a common struggle that many of us face.

Daily, they faced the all-too-familiar dilemma: to cook a healthy meal or succumb to the convenience of fast food.

Yet, amidst these everyday challenges, L-arabinose worked its magic.

It ignited their metabolism, allowing them to effortlessly shed pound after pound...

As time passed, their waists slimmed, becoming noticeably smaller and smaller...

Most crucially, without any additional effort, they witnessed their fasting blood glucose levels fall significantly.

As weeks turned into months, L-arabinose continued to weave its magic, significantly enhancing their health.

Having shared his knowledge, Bob closed his binder, a gesture marking the end of his compelling presentation.

Bob turned to me, determination in his eyes, 'JD, I think we need to embark on this journey together.

He confided, 'While I haven’t faced a disaster like yours, my numbers too have been on an unwelcome ascent these past few months.'

Bob mused, 'Plus, the opportunity to block out sugar from my diet? That sounds pretty darn awesome.

In a gesture of trust, he handed me a piece of paper, upon which a list of ingredients was scribbled in haste.

At the very top, as expected, was L-arabinose, the star of our conversation.

Yet, the list held more secrets; Bob had added a few other ingredients, each with its own promise.

Studies had found these ingredients to make L-arabinose work even better.

And I’ll tell you what they are in a minute.

Now that I had the ingredients list, all I had to do was get my hands on them.

I thought this would be fairly easy.

Little did I know how hard it would be to find a high-quality source of natural health ingredients.

What I found at grocery stores, specialty health stores, even Amazon…

They were mostly low-quality, synthetic versions of the ingredients he’d given me.

They had the advantage of being cheaper.

But I knew if I wanted the same miraculous study results, I needed to find the natural, high-quality forms that Bob had asked for.

It took around 2 months and over a hundred phone calls to health clinics across the country.

Then a few more weeks for all the ingredients to be delivered.

Once they were in hand, I measured out the exact amount of each ingredient Bob asked for.

Then, I spent hours filling 200 tiny capsules.

100 for Bob. And 100 for me.

It’d taken hundreds of phone calls, 3 months of waiting, and hours spent hunched over a work table.

But we were finally ready to start.

We kept it simple

We took 1 capsule a day, just like in the successful 6-month study.

I felt nothing the first few days.

But I still walked with a smile on my face, because I had a secret.

A secret that made me healthier, with the simple flick of my wrist each morning.

Then on day 3, Bob’s formula did its magic.

And it was that moment I realized just how BAD I had felt.

It’d become normal to feel physically and mentally exhausted – to the point I couldn’t function without 4 or 5 cups of coffee.

It’d become normal to feel sick and nauseous after meals – even ones that were supposed to be soft on my stomach.

It’d become normal for an electrical current to run through my feet. And for my back to ache so bad I constantly threw back Advil.

But on day 3?

I woke up and felt rested.

My mind was sharp, and my thoughts were clear.

At school, the teachers lounge had a vending machine with all kinds of tasty treats.

For the first time in ages, the urge to buy them wasn’t there.

Not to mention my feet felt… I guess normal?

It’s funny how you forget what that even feels like.

And yet here I was…

Feeling my high blood sugar become normal…

And for the first time remembering that I didn’t have to feel like death.

Over the first week I lost 3lbs without eating bland, tasteless foods…

Or killing myself on a treadmill.

By the second week it was 7lbs. Then I’d lost 12. 19. 27!

Every day I wrote down the number I got from my gluco monitor.

And I watched my numbers get lower and lower.

I began to get comments about my clothes being too big for me. People would ask what I’d been doing.

“Is it weight watchers? Did you go paleo?”

I laughed when I heard this.

Because if you remember, I totally changed my diet and cut out bad foods after my diagnosis.

And those changes had done nothing.

Now, almost without effort, my metabolism raged like a flaming inferno that burned every calorie - from any source - as jet fuel.

Of course the true test came at my next doctor’s appointment.

And I’ll never forget how my doctor looked when he saw my numbers.

Doctor: “John I’ve never seen anything like this. Your numbers have dropped over 50%... to the point you’re back to being prediabetic. If you keep this up, it’ll be safe to take you off your medication.”

My wife Donna laughed at me on the drive home. Because I cranked up the radio and was fist pumping the whole way.

3 months later, my next test confirmed it:

My A1c was not just normal – I had one of the healthiest blood sugar numbers of all the patient's my doctor saw.

I’d lost a total of 67 lbs of stubborn fat, and gone down 6 pants sizes. The tingling and burning in my right foot had disappeared.

And to the shock of the players I coached, I could actually keep up during conditioning drills.

I was even able to out pace some of them…

Kids 40 years my junior!

Now my doctor was convinced this happened because of diet, exercise, and medication.

But I knew the truth.

People spend $61 billion a year on blood sugar medication.

And pharma companies rake in that cash not by curing you… but by keeping you sick.

Just ask your doctor if you can cure this condition!

He’ll tell you what my doctor told me:

Once the damage is done, the best you can do is manage your blood sugar with diet and medication.

So while their drugs will take you out of the danger zone…

They keep you dependent.

And because they know they’ve got you for life…

They will squeeze you tighter and tighter with ever increasing prices.

As I drove home, I couldn’t get this thought out of my mind.

How many people are left with no other option but to fork over their life savings to manage this disease?

The fact this happened felt criminal to me.

And that’s why I’m talking to you today.

I feel compelled to share what I’ve learned about Sucrase and the good news about L-Arabinose.

And I’d like to share it with as many people as I can.

That’s why I’m going to give you the exact ingredients that worked for Bob and I, and a simple 30-second shortcut that can make lowering high blood sugar as easy as 1-2-3.

After my initial results, I tried to help everyone I could.

When people asked me for my secret, I’d send them the link to Bob’s studies…

And then I’d give them capsules that I had measured and made myself.

The problem was…

One friend became two.

Then two became four.

And before I knew it, I spent 8 hours every Saturday and Sunday filling tiny capsules.

It was incredibly frustrating.

Because I realized there was no way I could possibly help everyone I wanted to.

In fact, even giving people instructions wasn’t the best idea.

I could give them the ingredients list, the sources for each of the ingredients, and then the amounts to put into each capsule…

But that’d just transfer work back to them.

And I wanted to give people their life BACK…

Not make it a 24/7 job to keep their blood sugar in check.

Thankfully, Bob had a contact from his college days that worked at a state-of-the-art FDA-approved US lab that creates natural health products.

Thanks to that, we could place a bulk order for our ingredients…

And the lab assembled, tested, and produced a large quantity of high quality, inexpensive capsules.

It helps with inflammation to relieve aches and pains.

It promotes healthy blood flow and circulation.

It targets the nutrient deficiencies that cause neuropathy and nerve issues.


And it helps fire-up your metabolism to rapidly melt weight caused by high blood sugar.

Now that’s quite a tall order.

Yet that’s exactly what happened for me.

Plus thousands of others who have experienced their own transformation.

And the ingredients in Glucea back all this up too.

First, you’re already aware of the incredible power of L-Arabinose – AKA the switch that turns off your sugar-faucet.

I already showed you how, by itself, this plant molecule lowered the insulin response by as much as 83%...

And the blood sugar spike by 75%.

It does this by inhibiting sucrase enzymes so your food is no longer broken down into harmful sugar.

Normal conditions

So instead of flooding your pancreas, kidneys, and arteries… sugar gets passed harmlessly out of your body.

This is more important than you may realize.

Blood sugar spikes are at the root of every single issue that causes type 2 diabetes.

Cells no longer respond to insulin aka?

Beta cells stop working?

Your body packing more and more fat that hangs from your waistline and fills your internal organs?

They happen when you repeatedly have sky-high levels of sugar in your blood.

That’s what makes L-arabinose so powerful.

It turns off sucrase, and so turns off the faucet flooding your body with sugar.

Now L-Arabinose can be isolated from many different plants.

So to ensure the maximum effect on the sucrase in your gut, we went the extra mile and sourced the most special form of L-Arabinose.

This all-natural, high-quality, proprietary form of l-arabinose, called Sukre, works even better to inhibit sucrase, as it’s harvested from a plant that gives it maximum polyphenols and l-arabinose density.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

When Bob made his search, he stumbled on an ingredient that also inhibits sucrase.

That ingredient is called Chromium.

Multiple studies have found it brings out the full power of L-Arabinose.

That’s because when combined together, they could reduce the blood sugar peak in some cases 4x as much as L-arabinose alone.

Harvard Medical School also looked into Chromium.

And they discovered it safely lowers blood sugar levels and improves insulin sensitivity…

AND that your body is unable to burn fat at the cellular level without it.

This is with no side-effects by the way!

Then Bob had the genius idea to include a powerful plant called Gymnema Sylvester.

This is also known as gurmar, which is a Hindu word that means “the sugar destroyer”.

Modern studies have shown gurmar to possess powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antiviral, and even anti-cancer properties.

More important to you… gurmar balances blood sugar naturally and even eliminates sugar cravings.

It’s also been shown to revive non-working beta cells…

Which you need to put high blood sugar completely in the past.

Of course what kind of blood sugar formula wouldn’t include cinnamon and Vitamin D?

We’ve known about the benefits of cinnamon for years

Studies have shown it enhances beta cell function and lowers insulin resistance.

It also promotes healthy blood pressure and aids with digestion too.

Then we added Vitamin D, which is so important if you have high blood sugar.

That’s because Vitamin D is a key that allows your cells to respond to insulin.

So if you have low levels of Vitamin D…

Your cells literally can’t respond to insulin.

That’s why any solution that claims to support healthy blood sugar needs Vitamin D.

Before we finalized the Glucea formula, we also included Green tea, which is known to be so great for your metabolism, that it triggers similar effects as High-Intensity-Interval Training… without exercise.



a natural ingredient that in studies improved energy, reduced fatigue, and sharpened focus and concentration.



a powerful ingredient in cacao beans that protects the kidneys and lowers LDL “bad” cholesterol…

Siberian Ginseng

Siberian Ginseng,

a powerful type of ginseng that also supports healthy blood sugar levels…


And lastly, thiamine.

Studies have found people who don't have enough thiamine tend to always have high blood sugar.

Together, they create a complete formula to enhance your metabolic health and support healthy blood sugar levels all throughout the day.

I’m sure you’re ready to get your hands on this.

Once you do, it’ll be a turning point that changes your blood sugar, your health, and your life.

If that’s the case, it’d be best to take action right now.

Since the release of Glucea, interest in the Greenlanders and Sucrase has built into a frenzy…

And pharmaceutical companies have taken notice.

A promising drug target?

Anders Albrechtsen thinks that the discovery may have useful pharmaceutical perspectives.

Hey says that making drugs that block the function of sucrase-isomaltase or inhibit its production is probably not very difficult, so that people with elevated cholesterol, diabetes or...

That’s BAD NEWS for you and me.

Any ingredient in pharmaceutical drugs can’t be sold as a dietary supplement.

Even if it’s safe, natural, and been available for 30 years, those crooks at the FDA will blacklist the ingredient once it’s even considered for a pharma drug.

It happened last year with something called NMN.

It’s a form of Vitamin B3 that has incredible power as an anti-aging supplement.

And it’d been sold as a safe and natural dietary supplement for close to 30 years.

But last year, a pharmaceutical company added NMN to one of their drug candidates.

And just like that it was removed from the shelves at stores everywhere.

The year before that it was N-Acetyl Cysteine, or NAC, another anti-aging supplement.

A pharmaceutical company wrote a letter…

And within weeks NAC had disappeared from shelves everywhere.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from the opioid crisis…

And public recalls of supposedly “safe” drugs…

The FDA cares about one thing only:

Getting their pockets padded.

That’s part of why it’s smart to act today.

There’s no way to know when Glucea could be pulled from the shelves – just like many other products before it.

Not to mention – it’s become much more difficult to source the ingredients in our formula.

We use the high-quality, most pure and bioavailable form of our ingredients.

And since the landmark Greenland study, the ingredients in our formula have been in short supply.

Past this most recent bulk order, our supplier has given us no guarantee they can send another batch.

Thankfully, we still have bottles in stock.

And while they’re the most powerful solution to inhibit sucrase, and support healthy blood sugar levels, our formula won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Now normally, the cost of high blood sugar is staggering.

Hospital visits, medication, long-term disability and care…

The American Diabetes Association tagged the annual cost of high blood sugar at $9,601 per year.
That means over 10 years, $96,010 would be taken out of your pocket.

Over 20 years, that number would balloon to $192,020.
And over 30 years, it explodes to a staggering $288,030.

You could build a 3,000 square foot, 5 bedroom house for that kind of money.

By the way…

For that gigantic number, you still have high blood sugar.
You still need to stick yourself with a needle.

And you’re still on medication for the rest of your life.

I’d like to give you another option.

Today you’ve learned the 11 ingredients that can effectively inhibit your sucrase enzymes.

As Bob said… Get Rid of Sucrase, Get Rid of High Blood Sugar.

Together, those ingredients cost me $384 for 1 month.

However, I’d like to get this in the hands of as many people as possible.

So on this public launch of Glucea, you’ll pay less than 80% of that.

In fact a 6-month supply of Glucea won’t cost you $1,000.

It won’t cost you $500.

Just scroll below to see your discounted price today.

You can pick up Glucea for just $60/bottle.

The lab that supplies us was shocked when we told them our final price.

Most companies they work with markup their products 2, 3, sometimes 10 times the cost of each supplement.

I didn’t feel that was right.

Most folks don’t have an extra $2,000 or $3,000 just laying around each month.

Which is why the excessive cost of blood sugar medication can cripple even the most well-off family.

I didn’t want to support that.

And that’s why we went all-out to make Glucea as reasonable as we could.


It’s not just about supporting your healthy blood sugar levels.

Our goal is to free you from a lifetime spent managing your condition.

Because that’s when you can get back to enjoying life on your terms. Just like the many men and women who have seen a miraculous change thanks to Glucea.

Maybe like you, these men and women were told high blood sugar would be a constant companion

They were told it was too late to change it.

And they were told it was all their fault.


We receive hundreds of emails a month from people who’ve never felt better.

They are free from fatigue and enjoy energy levels that make them feel 20 again.

Their doctor showers them with compliments because of their wonderful blood sugar numbers.

Their friends and family can’t help but comment on their stunning figures, which can now fit into near-any piece of clothing.

Yes – even the itty-bitty bathing suit that’s been stashed at the back of their closet for the last 15 years.

And they smile every time they look at a restaurant menu…

Because they have the freedom to eat anything their heart desires.

That’s why I can’t wait for you to get started.

When you get rid of sucrase, you get rid of high blood sugar.

Once that happens, all you need to do is sit back and watch as your health gets better and better each day.

Glucea offers you a chance to do exactly that.

And with the substantial savings you’re being offered, today the decision is easier than ever.

I do hope you take action soon, however.

When we placed our first bulk order for Glucea, we had no idea we’d get such a positive response.

Once people saw the studies, and heard the many stories of success, we got a flurry of orders that almost wiped out our entire stock.

Most folks selected the 6 bottle option to better secure their future health.

That’s meant we’ve run out of bottles even faster than we thought possible.

That’s why I recommend you get started right now, and place your discounted order for your ready-made capsules today.

Of our thousands of satisfied customers, here’s what a few have to say about Glucea:


Barbara D.

Thank you for giving me my life back. It is such a joy to go to a holiday party and not pretend to push food around my plate because I wasn’t able to eat anything because of my BS being so high in the past. I can eat like normal folks do and have normal BS now. I can't wait to see my next A1C. What a wonderful gift.

Terence V.

Terence V.

I used keto and fasting and was able to reduce blood sugar considerably however it was a lot of work. I gave up about a year ago and recently started to take BG readings and of course they were sky high. A friend told me about Glucea and I decided to try it. I followed the directions and saw dramatic decrease in BG levels. Normally they were around 220 in the morning and after couple days they dropped to 120. My before supper the other day was 78 which was unheard of for me.

Bob T.

Bob T.

Huge difference when I take them compared to when I don’t take them. Blood sugars are much lower… sometimes they drop too low, so I have to take less insulin which is always good. I will always have these on hand

Given the success people have seen, we recommend you select at least three bottles of Glucea.

Because the third month is when things really start to change.

In month 3, they are able to stop worrying about their blood sugar numbers.

They feel better than they have in 30 years.

And they are set free from the worry and guilt that has kept them company for years.

When taken longer, things get even better in month 4, 5, and 6.

For anyone that’s serious about getting the best result, it’s not a bad idea to grab our 6 bottle option.

By securing a supply for six months, customers have witnessed the most remarkable transformations.

Not only does this commitment lock in unparalleled savings, but it also cements your path to well-being.

Admittedly, sourcing the finest ingredients comes with a hefty price tag.

But we’re not Big Pharma.

We don’t have shareholders.

And we don’t have to worry about stock value.

We can set our price as low as humanly possible.

And each time I read a positive review, or see one of our delighted customers rave about their results on social media… I know we made the right decision

Sure, using the highest-quality ingredients is expensive.

Furthermore, our state-of-the-art manufacturing lab ranks among the nation's elite.

And we also offer 24 hour customer support and cover shipping for our customers too.

Yes, if you decide to select the three or six bottle option, we’ll also give you free shipping.

Just choose the option best for you and our warehouse will immediately send your order.

I’m sure that’s important to you.

There’s nothing worse than to order a package… only to forget you’d ordered it by the time it gets to you.

Not to mention, the sooner you get started with Glucea, the sooner we can stop your sucrase and shut off your body’s sugar faucet.

It's crucial to remember...

L-arabinose plays a pivotal role by safely binding to the sucrase enzymes within your gut.

And by doing so, it prevents sugar from being broken down and absorbed.

When you add the other ingredients in Glucea, this effect is magnified. And that means the worry and fixation on high blood sugar can also pass harmlessly from your mind.

And speaking of peace of mind…

The moment you decide to bring Glucea into your life...

Whether one bottle, three bottle, or six…

You’re covered by our 100% money back guarantee good for 60 days.

That means for 2 months, you can get your money back with no questions asked.

All we ask is that you send us back any bottles you have (even if they're empty).

60 Days Guarantee

And our support team will immediately return your payment to you.

In this way, your purchase today isn’t really a purchase at all.

It’s more of a refundable deposit to secure the best blood sugar readings you’ve seen in years.

The lab we worked with was again, shocked, by the decision to make our guarantee for a full 60 days.

Unlike most companies that restrict returns to a mere 30 days...

In their words, “that would mean that people would be able to try it a full 6 months before they make a decision!”

Yes, that’s actually the idea.

We’re so confident that your experience will be a good one, that we’re happy to guarantee your offer for a full 60 days.

That gives you 60 days to experience the magic of Glucea.

And 60 days to make a final decision about your refundable deposit.

Mary G.

Mary G.

My husband's doctor wanted him to keep an eye on his morning ‘fasting’ blood sugars as he had several high A1C results - diabetes runs in his family. His mom’s chiropractor gave her Glucea as she is diabetic and she told us to get some. He takes 1 after lunch and 2 after dinner if there are a lot of carbs. Morning ‘fasting’ sugars have been between 107-120. Even the doctor was impressed as he never heard of this product. He told him to keep taking it and would test his A1C in 3 months. Doctor is doing his own research into this product now because he says anytime you can lower sugar with a natural supplement, that’s a fantastic thing.

For so many people better blood sugar is just the beginning.

Both men and women, big and small, old and young, of all different backgrounds have loved the changes they’ve felt, and see in the mirror.

Once the dangerous sugar is removed from your blood, every other part of your body will work better.

To get started, just click on your money-saving package and enter your details on the next page.
The moment we receive your order, our US-based team will pack, and ship your order from our warehouse.

As I mentioned, the three and six bottle package comes with free shipping that will be shipped the next business day.

So it’s a good idea to grab one of those while you still can.

Especially because around day 90, people feel like they’ve completely conquered this problem.

Holly G.

Holly G.

The first month I have taken Glucea, I feel more lively, my digestion improved, I lost about 10 pounds without exercising, and my glucose levels decreased. The first bottle I took it without having any change in diet, eating Desserts, and sweets and drinking water.

Karen V.

Karen V.

Had a physical about a year ago and was told my A1C was double digits. My doctor wanted me to go on insulin. I told her no and did some research on different products and chose Glucea. Changed my diet and added some exercise. Lost 60 pounds and to the shock of my doctor my A1c is normal. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a little help with sugar control.

The reflection in their mirrors now beams back with pride, no longer a source of shame.

They love having their picture taken.

And their trim, fat-free bodies are now a source of pride.

Friends and family can’t believe the radiance that shines from their face.

Their skin, once saggy and loose, is now bright and smooth.

And every time they smile it lights up the room.

It's as if they used to be a caterpillar…

and are reborn as a butterfly.

And like a butterfly, they turn heads everywhere they go, with an easy, unshakable confidence in both their inner health, and their outer appearance.

Liberation from aches and pains transforms their daily experience, fostering a newfound joy in movement.

And their transformation, despite its brilliance, was simple.

It wasn't hard, complicated, or even something they had to work at.

Their bodies did all the work for them.

And they now feel joy and freedom every day of their life.

When you experience your own transformation in your first 90 days, I know you too will thank the Lord.

I don’t claim any credit for this discovery or the incredible results of our customers.

If not for Him, I may have never stumbled on all this, or even be talking to you today.

But thankfully, I no longer worry about my health.

And soon, you won’t either.

Today presents a unique opportunity to address the sucrase in your gut head-on.

The source of the nightmare that has been your life with high blood sugar.

30 Day Supply

1 Bottle

Glucea 1 Bottle



Total: $69


180 Day Supply

6 Bottles

Glucea 6 Bottles



Total: $294




90 Day Supply

3 Bottles

Glucea 3 Bottles



Total: $177


And now, the moment has arrived.

It’s time for you to put high blood sugar where it belongs: out of your life.

All you have to do is choose your discounted package and complete your order on the next page.

Your payment details and personal information will be kept totally confidential. We use the latest 256-bit, military grade encryption to protect our pages and your privacy.

Remember, you’re not making a payment today.

You’re making a refundable deposit that we can return anytime over the next 2 months.

The real risk lies in navigating away from this page, potentially missing out on this life-altering opportunity.

It takes just seconds to place your order and secure your health and your future today.

Soon, Glucea will arrive at your door.

From that moment, the sugar-faucet will be switched off so that sugar can no longer flood into your body.

As your body experiences its newfound freedom from sugar,

You’ll be filled with an energy that’s been missing for years.

You’ll feel clear of mind, and free of the relentless cravings that derailed your every attempt to get healthier.

You’ll feel light on your feet, and aches and pains that have bothered you for years will suddenly become less and less noticeable.

And all of this will happen as your body works tirelessly to burn away the unhealthy fat that has for so long held you hostage.

This all happens because you’ve been set free of high blood sugar.

Which so long kept you at risk for downright dangerous health complications.

At this moment, a crucial decision awaits you.

Before you lies a fork in the road, presenting three distinct paths for you to choose from.

The left path represents the current trajectory of your life.

On this path, your life remains unchanged, continuing as it has been.

You find yourself persistently engulfed in feelings of frustration, pressure, and hopelessness.

Behind your back, your family discusses your condition with concern.

Their worry becomes your guilt, as you feel like a burden upon them.

In your heart, you understand that without change, there will be no improvement.

Indeed, things are destined to deteriorate further.

Each tingle in your toes or stabbing pain in your legs triggers a surge of panic within you.

Could it be diabetic neuropathy haunting you?

This dreaded condition affects nearly half of those with diabetes, doesn’t it?

Or perhaps it's the looming threat of a heart attack or stroke that steals your sleep at night.

A heart attack might confine you to a medical facility... or lead to an even graver fate...

This would leave your loved ones to care for you tirelessly for the remainder of your days.

Then there’s the middle path.

You take what you learn from this presentation, and you order some of the ingredients we talked about.

This is better than the left path.

But you’ve also been down this path before too.

How many different pills or supplements have you tried over the years?

How often did they leave you with lasting results?

Don’t forget… it took weeks for me to get started on my own.

And once I received everything, I still had to measure and fill hundreds of capsules before I could move forward.

If you’ve watched this far, you know, Glucea is not like anything you’ve ever seen, read about, or tried.

You understand the unique biochemical process that Glucea activates in the body.

It stops sucrase, and stops the flow of sugar into your body.

All the while, shutting down your cravings so that your body can finally heal.

Today, you can change all of this with just one click.

All you need to do is choose your discounted package below, and by doing so, you take the most important step of your life.

A step that puts you on your last choice, the right path.

This is the path that gives you your life back.

A chance to feel happiness and total freedom about your life.

A chance to wake up each day and feel strong, energetic, and powerful.

A chance to see big, toothy grins from your kids and grandkids because you can be present in their life.

A chance to mute the near-endless stream of advice from people on what you should do about YOUR disease.

It’s the chance to feel like yourself again – like you did in your 20’s when your body worked for you… instead of against you.

The chance to fire your doctor and laugh as you toss your glucose monitor and test strips in the trash.

It’s a chance to enjoy every celebration you're invited to, because you left your tupperwares at home and can enjoy anything you crave…

As long as you take Glucea and let the new chapter of your life unfold.

This is what you want. Both for yourself, and your loved ones.

Thousands of men and women have been in your shoes.

And they now have a new lease on life because they made a simple, 3-second decision to click a button.

And now it’s your turn.

Click on your preferred discount package, fill in your details, and begin your journey towards the new, happy, healthy you.

Thank you so much for spending your time with me today.

And I look forward to hearing about your success with Glucea.

Get access to our best value package..

30 Day Supply

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Glucea 1 Bottle



Total: $69


180 Day Supply

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Total: $294




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Total: $177